White Christmas

2019 White Christmas gifts

“White Christmas,” sponsored by the Outreach and Community Service Committee, is a joint effort with the Share the Joy program in Scott County to provide Christmas gifts for children in need in our community.  We anticipate that we will be sharing our blessings with 32 children this year.  Each child will receive two gifts of clothing and one toy (or other non-clothing item for older children).  In addition, we will give each family a small Kroger gift card.

As with many other things in our lives right now, things will look a little different for White Christmas this year, so please read this carefully!

Each adopted family will have a coordinator.  This person’s name will be indicated online and on the physical tags that are available.  This person will coordinate purchasing gifts for those who do not feel comfortable doing their own shopping, will collect the gifts for their family, and will make arrangements for delivering the gifts to the family.

There will be three ways that you can sign up for gifts that you wish to donate.  All of these will be available on or before Sunday November 22.

  1. You can sign up online by going to https://forms.gle/Cjcdta6pYncpJFRb8. Each choice on the online form (virtual tag) will have a code for the recipient and will list an item on the recipient’s wish list.  Simply enter your name and contact information, check which gift(s) you wish to donate, and click submit at the end of the form.  Once you’ve submitted the form, you will receive an email showing which item(s) you have chosen, and the committee will also receive an email with that information.
  2. Some traditional physical tags will be available in the Gathering Area at the church. Each tag will have a code for the recipient and will list an item on the recipient’s wish list.  If you take a physical tag, please make sure that you sign your name on the accompanying signup sheet on the line for that tag.
  3. You can contact Martha Harris at marthaharris@mindspring.com.

If you want to participate in White Christmas but you do not feel comfortable shopping for your gift(s) this year, you may still choose a gift/gifts in any of the ways listed above and make a donation to the church to cover their cost.  In consultation with you, someone from the church will then take care of purchasing the gift(s).  Just make your choice(s) online or take a physical tag/tags and the family coordinator will get in touch with you.

  • Take as many tags as you like.  Do not worry that we will run out of tags!  It is always possible for us to adopt additional children.  We anticipate that there will be great need in Scott County this year.
  • Purchase only what is listed on the tag.  Do NOT buy additional items for your recipient.  We want to ensure that all children within each family receive the same number of gifts.
  • Individually wrap each gift you purchase.
  • Please attach a tag with the card code (ex., A1, B7, etc.) securely to the OUTSIDE of the gift.  If you sign up online, this code is the first information on the line of the virtual tag that you chose.  If you take a physical tag, just attach that tag as usual.  This is very important so that we know to which family the gift goes!

We will not be collecting the gifts during worship this year.  Please bring your gift(s) to the church office during business hours or make arrangements with your family coordinator to deliver them to their house by December 13.

If you have questions, please contact Martha Harris at marthaharris@mindspring.com.  Thank you so much for your generosity.